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Film Title: Current

Event No : 5
Date of Screening : 9-Mar-2013
Venue and Time : Hotel Savera 10 am

K. Hariharan

K. Hariharan



Velu owns a small sugarcane field with a farm pump-set to water it. He is prompt in the payment of his electricity bills since the pump-set is a prized possession, as also the fact that without it his field would be without water. Once, however, there is a small delay in paying the bill, first because he reaches town on the wrong day and then because he is slightly late in reaching the electricity office. Velu has immense faith in the Establishment and that the slight delay will be condoned by the Electricity Board. But when the power to his field is cut off, he and his wife Sita are devastated. His friends give him all kinds of suggestions and the trips to the Board office verge on the Kafkaesque. Help finally comes from unexpected quarters. Their neighbor Radha, who is looked down upon by the villagers, helps restore the power thus reinforcing Velu's faith in basic human values

Language: Hindi
Running Time: 129 mins
Release Date: February 14, 1992
Directed by: K. Hariharan
Produced by: NFDC (National Film Development Corporation)
Written by: Raj Narayanan
Om Puri, Deepti Naval, Shreeram Lagoo
Music by: L. Vaidyanathan
Shot by: Dharmma
Editing by:
K Rasun

About the Film

The story is originally a short story by the Sahitya Academy Awardee, Tamil author and folklorist Ki. Rajanarayanan. It was to be shot in Thamizh originally but was done in Hindi with accomplished art house cinema performers like Om Puri & Deepti Naval.

Ki Ra's stories are usually based in karisal kaadu (scorched, drought stricken land around Kovilpatti TN ). He centers his stories around Karisal country's people, their lives, beliefs, struggles and folklore.

The film “Current” deals with an individual’s ordeal in the face of an indifferent establishment. It revolves around the payment of an electricity bill for a farm pump-set.

About the Director

K. Hariharan is a film director known in Tamil, Hindi and Marathi movie industries. Born in Mumbai, he was a commerce graduate and later joined FTII, Pune. He shot to fame in Tamil industry with Ezhavathu Manithan which earned a National award and was also debut movie of Raghuvaran.

“Current” is his Bollywood debut which focused on the current condition of farmers in India. He is presently the director of LV Prasad and TV Academy.

A very prominent speaker in the Cinema Circle in Chennai, he is popular in the national arena as well as the international academic circles of South Asian Films. He is an encyclopedia on Cinema sharing the deep passion for cinema of substance & style.

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