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Film Title: Good Night Good Morning

Event No : 6
Date of Screening : 13-Apr-2013
Venue and Time : Hotel Savera 10 am

Sudhish Kamath

Sudhish Kamath



Good Night Good Morning is a black and white movie which follows an all-night phone conversation between two strangers, a boy and a girl, on New Year's night. The movie brings to life the old-fashioned romance and the fact that the conversation is over phone lifts the entire movie to a totally different level.

Language: English
Running Time: 81 mins
Release Date: January 20, 2012
Directed by: Sudhish Kamath
Produced by: Sudhish Kamath
Written by: Sudhish Kamath, Shilpa Rathnam
Seema Rahmani, Manu Narayan, Vasanth Santhosham
Music by: Gregory Generet
Shot by: Nischalakrishna Vittalanathan, Naveen Varadarajan
Editing by:
Murugesh Thevar, M Venkatram

About the Film

Good Night | Good Morning is a conversation film in the tradition of Before Sunrise or Before Sunset but unlike Linklater’s films, this is an all-night phone call between two people who are geographically moving away from each other as the conversation brings them close


  1. The film was selected for exclusive release through PVR’s new banner - Director’s Rare.
  2. It’s a black and white talkie because old world romance still exists, no matter how different the world is today. Even if people spend more time with each other through technology than in person. It’s a film that attempts to rediscover this romance in the mobile, technology-driven world.

Film Festival Screening

  1. Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) 2010
  2. South Asian International Film Festival 2010
  3. Goa Film Alliance-IFFI 2010
  4. Chennai International Film Festival 2010
  5. Habitat Film Festival 2011
  6. Transilvania International Film Festival 2011 (Cluj, Romania)
  7. Noordelijk Film Festival

About the Director

Sudish Kamath is a journalist belonging to Y-Gen working with "The Hindu" and an independent film-maker as well.

Starting his education with big names like SBOA and DAV, he went on to pursue his degree in Commerce from DG Vaishnav. He later did his masters in communication at Manipal Institue of communication.

A man with an unending passion for cinema and its intricacies, he has created two movies (That Four-Letter Word in 2006 and Good Night Good Morning in 2010) so far donning the cap of a Producer, Director and Writer.


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