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Film Title: Nizhal Nijamagiradhu

Event No : 28
Date of Screening : 10-January-2015
Venue and Time : Hotel Savera 10 am

Pushpa Kandaswamy

K. Balachander



An innocent dreamer, Thilagam works as a cook at Venkatachalam & his sister, Indumathi’s house. She is coveted by the slow-witted deaf household help, Kasi @ Sevudan (Deaf man) as well as Venkatachalam. In this setting enters Sanjeevi, a modern chap rooted in communist ideals who constantly meddles with the men-hating Indumathi. One fine day, Thilagam becomes pregnant and a riveting drama ensues.

Language: Tamil
Running Time: 145 min
Release Date: March 24, 1978
Directed by: K. Balachander
Produced by: P. R. Govindarajan, J. Duraisamy
Written by: K. Balachander
Kamal Haasan, Sumithra, Sobha, Sarath Babu
Music by: M. S. Viswanathan
Shot by: B. S. Lokanath

About the Film

"Nizhal Nijamagirathu is a contemporary romantic drama having Sanjeevi, a smart young man, who visits his friend Venkatachalam. Venkatachalam lives with his sister, Indumathi, a maid Thilagam and a servant Kasi. Indumathi has a strong hatred for all men, which amuses Sanjeevi and gives him scope for banter and wit with her. Just as the attraction and chemistry between the two blossoms into love, Thilagam becomes pregnant and Sanjeevi is pointed to as the culprit.This movie of KB again showcases a strong woman and is set in a middle class family. "


  1. This movie is a remake of the Telugu film Chilakamma Cheppindi (1977), directed by Eranki Sharma, with Rajinikanth in the lead role.
  2. Sarath Babu was given a role in this film, after Balachander saw him at a function. His first shot was at Hyderabad, and it was the first Tamil movie he worked on.
  3. Balachander, who used to watch Moulee's plays, liked his style writing, and wanted him to write a comedy track for this movie. Moulee said that he was given the liberty by Balachander to insert comedy sequences wherever he wanted and that he wrote 16 scenes for the film.

About the Director

A science graduate of Annamalai University, K. Balachander while working in the Accountant General's Office as a Superintendent in the 1960s, came to prominence as an amateur playwright. He entered the film industry in 1965 and shot into fame with his very first film Neerkumizhi.

Though working in commercial cinema, he never compromised on the script or actors. His movies were always unique, thought provoking and often dealt with social issues of middle class. KB, as the industry dearly called him, loved to potray the women in his movies as headstrong & capable.

With respect to films arguably his best & most creative period (between 1965 & 1990) passed before Gen Y. But the Gen Y will certainly remember him as the man who made waves in television when they were still toddlers & young adolescents. His love for cinema shows in the countless speeches & hand written letters to new-gen film makers and how relevant his taste for cinema has stayed through the years.


About the Guest

Pushpa Kandaswamy, daughter of the iconic film director Late Padmashri K. Balachander, is the managing director of Kavithalayaa Productions.

A Gold Medalist and a post graduate in Biochemistry, she has an eye for spotting creative talent and nurturing it with her production house.

Having been exposed to various facets of movie production, she has played a pivotal role in growing the production house into a renowned entity with her experience, management skills and being professional. Under her, Kavithalayaa has steered smoothly with a fantastic track record.

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