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Film Title: Sur

Event No : 21
Date of Screening : 12-Jul-2014
Venue and Time : Hotel Savera 10 am

P. Samuthirakani

Fernando E. Solanas



Set amidst the end of military coup d’etat in 1983, Floreal Echegoyen, just released from prison refrains from going to his cheating wife; instead journeys along with his dead friend, El-Negro who helps him catch up with the happenings when he was serving time in prison. During the long night El-Negro helps him to get past with his anger, understanding how hard it was to stand such a controversial time and how military Coup crushed people’s lives literally and figuratively.

Language: Spanish
Running Time: 127 mins
Release Date: March 5, 1988
Directed by: Fernando E. Solanas
Produced by: Envar El Kadri, Pierre Novat, Sabina Sigler, Fernando E. Solanas
Written by: Fernando E. Solanas
Susú Pecoraro, Miguel Ángel Solá, Philippe Léotard, Lito Cruz, Roberto Goyeneche, Ulises Dumont
Music by: Ástor Piazzolla
Shot by: Félix Monti
Editing by:
Juan Carlos Macias

About the Film

Sur is an Argentine drama film written and directed by Fernando E. Solanas. The film features Susú Pecoraro, Miguel Ángel Solá, Philippe Léotard, Lito Cruz, Ulises Dumont among others.

Following its debut at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival, Sur has collected a host of awards from prestigious international film festivals. Sur garnered its director, Fernando E. Solanas the Best Director at Cannes in 1988 and was nominated for the Palme d'Or in the same year.

Like Solanas’ previous film Tangos (1985), South is a film about a forced exile (in the form of imprisonment) and a painful reunion in the midst of political turmoil. It is also a story about the healing power of nostalgia. The story is set in 1983 just after the fall of the military dictatorship and the restoration of the democracy. For the past five years, Floreal has been a political prisoner. He is released in the evening, but rather than returning straight home to his wife Rosi, he decides to wander around to gather his thoughts and sort through his mixed emotions concerning not only the deaths of his closest friends, but also the lonely, long-suffering Rosi’s affair with Floreal’s best friend Roberto. Everything in his old neighborhood has changed dramatically and as Floreal aimlessly wanders, a dense fog blankets the political pamphlet covered streets, lending a dreamlike atmosphere to the night. Occasionally, he is visited by the ghosts of former friends and co-workers. Meanwhile, Rosi nervously waits in her bedroom for Floreal to return.

About the Director

Fernando Ezequiel 'Pino' Solanas is an Argentine film director, screenwriter and politician. His films include La hora de los hornos (1968), Tangos: el exilio de Gardel (1985), Sur (1988), El viaje (1992), La nube (1998) and Memorias del saqueo (2004), among many others.

Solanas studied theatre, music and law. In 1962, he directed his first short feature Seguir andando and in 1968 he covertly produced and directed his first long feature film La Hora de los Hornos, a documentary on neo-colonialism and violence in Latin America. The film won several international awards and was screened around the world. Solanas has won the Special Jury Award and the Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Prix de la mise en scène at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1999 he was the President of the Jury at the 21st Moscow International Film Festival. He was awarded a special Golden Bear at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival. He collaborated with tango composer and musician Ástor Piazzolla on the soundtracks for various movies.

Together with Octavio Getino, Solanas wrote the manifesto "Toward a Third Cinema". The Idea of a political Third Cinema, opposed to Hollywood Cinema and European Auteur cinema, inspired film makers in many so-called developing countries.

Solanas went into exile in Paris in 1976, only returning to Argentina with the arrival of democracy in 1983.

Scene from the film

About the Guest

P. Samuthirakani is a Tamil film actor and director. He worked as an assistant to director K. Balachander. His 2009 directorial Naadodigal was a runaway hit, which was later remade in three languages. He has acted in several films as well and is best known for his performances in Subramaniapuram, Easan , both directed by M. Sasikumar and Saattai.

In 1997, he joined as an assistant director under K.Vijayan. Samuthirakani who always used to keep himself busy with work was noticed by Iyakkunar Sigaram K.Balachander and was roped in as assistant director for his 100th movie's Parthaale Paravasam. He also got the chance to work as Balachander’s assistant in mega serial Anni telecasted by Jaya TV. The director recalls that the work experience he gained under his mentor Balachander helped him in many ways while shooting Arasi and Selvi, the mega serial telecasted in Sun TV.

He assisted K. Balachander in his serials and directed some of his own. His films have been remade in other South Indian languages. Nadodigal was remade in Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. Being a director is just an aspect of his career. He writes his own scripts, dubs (has dubbed for Aadukalam ) and has even sung for the end credits of one of his films.

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