There are not many who realize their dreams in their lifetime. Not many who are respected, loved, admired all at the same time. Not many who are as popular personally as professionally. Not many who are blessed to do the jobs they love. Not many whose life is filled with enchantment every minute. But then, not many people are Nina Reddy.

There is an aura of resilience tempered with grace and futuristic vision that this woman embodies. An uncanny ability to fuse the old to the new and raise it to a noticeable contemporary platform.

Her presence in the hospitality and food industry is the base that anchors her branching into neighboring spheres of activities in Chennai.

Noticed for an individual style and progressive persona, it is interesting to note her latest foray into the fine arts scene in Chennai with Art & Soul. Talent cannot be measured by just worldly achievements, she opines.

Identifying like minded people and working in synergy towards shared goals and dreams, has always been a priority with Nina, and this shines in her latest venture too.

Shylaja Chetlur is earnestly bonded to the development of fine arts, either theatrical or visual. It is implicitly evident from specific and imminent actions, that she draws power from an impeccable vision. Endowed with entrepreneurship Shylaja has a contagious enthusiasm and passion that leave a qualitative mark on all that she carefully chooses to pursue whether in media, social work or the arts. This marks the unique beauty of her personality.

Shylaja’s passion for acting has made her experiment with several platforms from theatre to television and films with some of the most renowned names and she has won accolades for the selective performance graph she exhibited She claims to be ‘An eternal student of Cinema’. And again, you can substitute ‘Cinema’ with ‘Life’ and still would be that. Starting with hosting ‘Cinema Kaaram Coffee’ on Star Vijay her interests with various genres of cinema and filmmaking styles have helped her evolve with many aspects of filmmaking today including direction with the production house Shylaar Productions. Shylaja Chetlur is an active member of the Chennai International Film Festival core committee too.

Both the women are like driven, possessed persons with anything challenging and creative, always willing to test their limits, pushing their horizons and not willing to letting themselves be typecast in all the roles that they take up, be it personal, social or professional.

Chennaiites to the core with a taste for traditional, modern and the alternate a-la ‘Sweet, Kaaram and Coffee’ of the Chennai milieu, “Art is a conscious exposition of the unconscious and the multi-artistic cinema engages the mind for most” they believe.

In a fitting synergy complementing each others’ thirst for life, the two women promoted Gallery Art & Soul, ECR that has made a mark right in the first year of its inception. As an extension of Art & Soul’s latest foray into exhibiting & creating

awareness with art, is their new Film Club in Chennai @ Savera - CINEMA RENDEZVOUS.

With Cinema being a confluence of all creative art forms and a reflection of the fears and aspirations of life & society, is it possible that these two ladies with a verve for living would give it a miss?!!!

Guiding & supporting their latest initiative are film professionals, organizers of film festivals and students of media all with a big appetite for cinema. Cinema for this group of ‘projectionists’ is not just entertainment, but that & beyond in touching lives.